Position Description for Board Members


As representatives of the membership, be the primary force pressing the organization to fulfill its mission and obligations. 


1.  Planning
Approve and update the organization’s mission and review the President’s performance in achieving it. Review and approve the organization’s financial goals. Annually review and approve the organization’s budget. Approve major policies guiding the organization. 

2. Organization
Select, monitor, appraise, stimulate, support, reward, and if necessary or desirable, replace the President. Regularly discuss with the President matters that are of concern to her/him or to the board. Be assured that the organizational strength and staffing are equal to the requirements of the long-range goals. Approve appropriate compensation and benefit policies and practices. Propose slate of directors to members and fill vacancies as needed. Annually review the performance of the board and take steps (including its composition, organization, and responsibilities) to improve its performance. 

3.   Financial
Be assured that the board and its committees are adequately and currently informed through reports and other methods of the condition of the organization and its operations. Be assured that published reports properly reflect operating results and financial condition of the organization. Approve independent auditors suggested by the Treasurer. Review compliance with relevant material laws affecting the institution.