2018 Session Proposal

The Content Conference is now accepting proposals for sessions at the 2018 Conference, August 20-23, in Austin, TX.

Call for Proposals closing date of May 4, 2018.

Include the name, title and organization/company for any speakers you envision as part of the session; please designate a moderator and panelists for panel submissions.

The Content Conference and PRPD reserve the right to accept or reject: 1.) any portion of a submission, or 2.) an entire submission. Duplicate submissions do occur. The Content Conference and PRPD reserve the right to utilize any idea or suggestion submitted, but not necessarily those parties that made the submission. Late submissions will not be accepted. All parties that have made submissions by the deadline will be contacted and informed as to whether or not their submission has not been selected for the Conference. Contact will be made via email no later than May 18, 2018. If you have any questions, please email info@prpd.org and include the subject line “Content Conference Submission Question.”

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