Talk Show Producer (Jefferson Exchange)

Jefferson Public Radio
Ashland, OR


$38,000-$42,000 (1.0FTE, non-reduced)

Jefferson Public Radio (JPR) is Southern Oregon University’s network of public radio stations. JPR extends the University’s regional outreach and educational mission by facilitating life-long learning, fostering the arts, strengthening citizen participation in the democratic process and promoting the University’s programs. The producer creates, hosts and manages programming material that fulfills the educational mission of JPR and the University. The producer will produce the Jefferson Exchange program, JPR’s two-hour news/discussion public radio public affairs program. The program is broadcast weekday mornings over JPR’s News and Information Service network of 9 stations located in Oregon and California. The producer is responsible for overall editorial planning for the Jefferson Exchange, booking of guests including pre-interviewing, providing background material on guests to the host, call screening during the program and preparation of Jefferson Exchange promotional materials. The producer is also responsible for supervising and coordinating the work of other producers, including volunteers and SOU students, who assist in the Jefferson Exchange’s production.

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