Formatics and Production Values

Doing resets is like being a good party host - introducing new arrivals to the guests so they feel welcome. The ideal reset is a brief and compelling restatement of “the what and why.” Prepare a cheat sheet of different ways of resetting so you don’t do them all exactly the same.

Always important, forward promotion is critical in talk shows.  Focus on placing promos so they promote listening to the next quarter hour.

A variety of audio elements can be dropped in to live shows when appropriate to add texture and pacing:

  • Music
  • Vox pops
  • Movie clips
  • Ambient sound
  • Short news clips
  • Pre-produced news features to “set the table” for discussion of a topic.
  • Several shorter news clips can serve the same purpose and keep the pace faster.

Be sure that you have appropriate rights to use copyright protected material on all platforms on which you distribute the program.