Program Oversight

Determine what station oversight structure will best assure these key audience building functions:

  • Ongoing program quality control via regular airchecking. No single activity will do more to strengthen program quality and build listener service.

  • Content recycling.  Recycling the news your show makes into your station’s drive time news magazines will reach significantly more listeners each day.

  • Close editorial collaboration between the show and other station news content. Clips from station news stories can help “stir the pot” and frame follow-up discussion on the show. Reporter 2-ways are great for adding depth and updated information to a story or issue the station is following. You should work from a set of shared editorial priorities.

  • To the extent that reporters participate in the talk show, either by providing tape or being debriefed, that will impact their news gathering time and capability. Strong working relationships need to be established between reporters and their editors and the show producers from the outset. Also, in the early stages of developing a show plan, the show’s role in the station’s approach to crisis coverage and special events coverage (like election night) should be discussed and defined with respect to the news department. There is tremendous leverage possible here, but not if the units are at odds with each other.