Coordinating the Show and the News Department

Make sure your show does not operate in its own silo. High quality talk shows generate news. News stories make great topics for talk shows. Share and recycle content to reach more listeners. Make sure the lines of communication are always open. Sit in on each others' editorial meetings.

When a show makes news, getting highlights into your station’s drive time news magazines will reach significantly more listeners each day than a local talk show. Also, if a newscast story will be the topic of an upcoming talk show, a short mention can drive listening to the show.

Clips from relevant station news stories and/or features can help “stir the pot” and frame follow-up discussion on the show. Reporter 2-ways are great for adding depth and updated information to a story or issue the station is following.

Be sure that any audio adds to and advance the topic. Ask whether an additional report is really necessary, or are you adding it because it is available and it would be nice to use it again?