303 Resources

Reveal Your Community: The Campaign for Local Growth

Joaquin Alvarado, John Barth, Rachel Hubbard, Terry Gildea, Tristin Tabish
2017 - Washington, DC

The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX share their experiences launching Reveal to rally and organize local stations to mount long-form collaborative investigations, revolutionize their talent pipeline, get in front of hungry audiences and inspire courageous philanthropists who can fuel the work.

Journalism in the Age of Trump

Al Letson, Kelefa Sanneh, Sarah Stillman
2017 - Washington, DC

Al Letson will dig deep with New Yorker writers Kelefa Sanneh and Sarah Stillman about how journalism can best serve the public good by maintaining a strong stance in its relationship to institutional power.

Breakfast with NPR & WBUR's Here & Now

Jeremy Hobson, Robin Young, Geoff Bennett, Domenico Montanaro, Derek Thompson
2017 - Washington, DC

How does public radio’s midday program stay agile -- and one step ahead -- of today’s news cycle? Here & Now Co-Hosts Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson kick-off opening day at PRPD in the nation’s capital with a deep-dive on politics with regular contributors to the show.

PRX's Project Catapult

Kerri Hoffman, John Barth, Joshua Moore, Joni Deutsch, Kameel Stanley, Aaron Henkin, Thanh Tan, Tim Lloyd
2017 - Washington, DC

The public radio audience has demonstrated its strong attachment to on-demand audio. Local stations are figuring out how to leverage this opportunity. The seven stations in the CPB funded Project Catapult will walk you through their process and what they’ve learned about how to expand their remit and meaningfully engage in this space.

The Trouble with Reality (and Journalism)

Virginia Prescott, Brooke Gladstone
2017 - Washington, DC

There are facts, there is the truth and Virginia Prescott wants Brooke Gladstone to walk us through the minefield that we call journalism.

Being Smart about IP

John Crigler, Melodie Virtue, Judy Endejan
2017 - Washington, DC

Join attorneys from the firm Garvey Schubert Barer for a lively discussion of some of the rewards and perils of intellectual property rights.

Classical Spark's Best Practices for Station Promotion

Craig Curtis, Wende Persons
2017 - Washington, DC

This session offers concrete strategies to ensure your station is on the radar screen when people are in the mood for classical music. This session is produced in partnership with Classical Music Rising.

Creative Vision for Managers

Eric Nuzum
2017 - Washington, DC

In this session, Eric Nuzum shares techniques he has used at NPR and Audible to focus and motivate managers and teams to do their best work.

Emergency Preparedness

Helen Barrington, Jeff Ramirez, Naomi Starobin, Kristen Muller
2017 - Washington, DC

Has your station established contingency plans for a variety of natural disasters, mass casualty incidents, active shooter situations, accidents and circumstances that may require your staff to evacuate your building? Learn from the people who have led teams through these situations - in small and large shops.