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The conference is so important as it drops you into the industry, and more importantly allows you to understand where Public Radio is going and what are the pressing issues. It’s even more important for networking, and attending the pre-conference literally sets up a graduating class of contacts which is just priceless as a resource, but also as a support group.

Nick Yee, Hawaii Public Radio

I joined because – as a new GM who also has PD responsibilities – I needed all the resources I could get!

Phillip Wilke, North State Public Radio

I find PRPD training to be invaluable. Beyond the training you get from PD workshop which I personally learned so much from and encourage everyone else to take, the availability to learn about something new every year at the conference is necessary and fun. I need the ability to learn what other stations are doing, and I look forward to the conference every year because I find it reinvigorates me to see my colleagues face to face.

Ele Ellis, WKSU Radio

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