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PRPD Spring Training

PRPD's Spring Training program provides learning opportunities for all skill levels and formats on proven mehods for successful execution of your day-to-day broadcast service. 

2020 - New Orleans

Save the Date

Sept 14 - 17, 2020

Hilton New Orleans Riverside

Two Poydras Street, NOLA, 70130

Room rate is $189/night


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It's All Audio Right? Broadcast to Podcast - How Does That Work?

Zoe Clark, John Barth, Kevin Sullivan
2019 - Minneapolis

It makes sense money-wise: just take that great local broadcast show and make it into a podcast. Boom. Done. More audience, right? If it were only that simple...

Digital audience listening habits are different. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to creatively serve your podcast listeners in more personal, engaging and frank ways. Join us to hear from stations and show producers about the lessons they've learned on making broadcast shows succeed as podcasts -- and where they have stumbled, so you don't have to.

How to Talk to Talent: Voice Coaching for Producers and Managers

Jessica Hansen
2019 - Minneapolis

Sometimes its difficult to talk with on-air talent about things like presentation, style, energy, or nerves. We know how to identify what we need, but sometimes we can't articulate effectively when coaching talent. This session will help you better understand the relationship, will give you language to talk with your on-air staff and will allow you to get immediate results.

Building a Podcasting Division from the Ground Up

Joni Deutsch, Sean Powers
2019 - Minneapolis

This session will focus on what it takes for stations to start a podcasting division. In addition to developing and producing podcasts, staff are required to understand music licensing, contracts with external podcast hosts, marketing the shows to get new subscribers, working with digital and art departments, organizing live events, working with underwriting, and cross promoting podcast content on all platforms.

Culture of Journalism: Editorial Integrity and Independence

Terry Gildea, Mark Memmott
2019 - Minneapolis

Member stations’ newsrooms are increasingly the primary sources of news for their audiences. That means the stations’ reporters, producers and editors are being called upon more often to tackle news that could be sensitive for major donors or the organization that holds the station’s license. One of the most effective ways to protect a newsroom and codify its independence against outside influence is to craft an editorial integrity document.

Classical Marketing & Content Partnerships

Julie Amacher, Eva Anderson
2019 - Minneapolis

Following up on last year's popular and well-received presentation on classical audience insights, MPR Classical will share results on their efforts to date. They'll update their findings on audience insights, and give examples of some highly successful strategies that have driven ratings and digital engagement, created new content and helped Classical MPR find new, younger audiences by using an audience-centric approach.