358 Resources for Benediction

News/Talk Format Meeting

2017 - Washington, DC

We'll start with our annual look at the latest audience data for News/Talk format stations. Then, NPR’s Senior VP of News, Mike Oreskes, will take your questions about his initiative to create regional journalism hubs in partnership with member stations. We'll then spend the rest of our time in a free-flowing discussion of innovative ideas for local news content during Morning Editionand All Things Considered, featuring mini-“Ted Talks” from forward-thinking station leaders.

Audience Intelligence - Digital Analytics and Metrics That Matter

Tom Thomas, Steve Mulder
2017 - Washington, DC

This session will report how public radio digital leaders are refining the multitude of metrics to which we have access, learning about advanced digital analytics, and working to inform and assess our evolving digital strategies.

Can Video Save the Radio Star?

Alison Perkins, David Steves, Alison Scholly, Jan Boyd
2017 - Washington, DC

This session will provide offer practical ideas for stations that want to start or grow their video content. We’ll also talk about the challenges of sustaining this effort and building a new business model.

Energize Content Promotion, Build Audiences, Donations and Sponsorships

Michael Beach, Nick Kereakos, Paul Maassen
2017 - Washington, DC

Learn about how your public radio content can attract new audiences and encourage your audiences to tune in longer. MetaPub, a new service developed by the Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS), designed for stations and producers synchronizes text, images and links with live broadcasts on smartphones, car dashboards, web sites and other mobile devices.  It can also enable listeners to donate while listening to your station using their smartphones and provide new opportunities for sponsorships.  The session, moderated by NPR Distribution, manager of the PRSS, will include national producers and station leaders who will discuss their involvement in the development and testing of the MetaPub service.

It Doesn't Have To Be Like This: Re-thinking Radio

Steve Titherington
2017 - Washington, DC

What makes a good idea? How does innovation happen? BBC World Service Senior Commissioning Editor Steve Titherington gives some examples of what works, and what shouldn't have worked, and looks at the many and varied obstacles the media is determined to put in the way of a good idea and a successful production.

Increasing Local Engagement and Audience Growth. It's All About Listening.

David Greene, Robin Sparkman, Bec Feldaus Adams, Jeanette Woods, Joan Cherry Isabella
2017 - Washington, DC

In this session we explore the ways in which stations and local communities can use the tools and platforms offered by StoryCorps to advance local service mission—how we can listen, share our humanity and preserve the stories of who we are. 

It's About the Audience: Lessons From On-demand Platforms

Tamar Charney, Emily Barocas, Chris Chester, Jonathan Butler
2017 - Washington, DC

Find out what stations discover when they dug into the NPR One data and use NPR One as part of their content strategy. Hint: it is all about serving audience.

Podcast to Radio, or Vice Versa? Exploring Potential & Realities

Nathan Tobey, Catherine Burns, Maureen McMurray, Leslie Merklinger, Molly Wood
2017 - Washington, DC

As podcasting continues to grow, and as stations experiment with the best ways to engage audiences on both radio and podcast platforms, this APM session explores what works about the podcasting to radio crossover, or vice versa. How is it a “both/and” strategy instead of an “either/or” strategy for reaching audiences? What are the realities and possibilities?