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KPLU: Lessons Learned From An Existential Crisis

Matt Martinez
2016 - Phoenix

Last November, KPLU’s owner Pacific Lutheran University announced that it was selling the license to University of Washington owned KUOW in Seattle. The announcement sent shockwaves throughout the region and all of public radio, and it seemed certain that most of the KPLU staff would lose their jobs. Then something surprising happened: The community rose up and demanded a chance to raise the money to buy the station as a community licensee. What happened next is a tale of hyper community engagement that resulted in a successful fundraising effort: $8.5 million in four and half months. KPLU is now independent KNKX. Come hear about their lessons learned and how you can apply them to your station (even if you aren’t facing an existential crisis).

The Value of Listening

Izzi Smith, Franny Bastian, Craig Oliver
2017 - Washington, DC

StoryCorps teaches us that “listening is an act of love.” It’s also the most elemental unit of the public radio economy. Following more than a year of record increases in listening, stations are converting that listening into new revenue to fuel new content creation, including new content for future audiences. Let's talk about how growing listening sustains public radio, and allows stations to tell new and deeper stories to all kinds of audiences.

Voice Coaching for Clear, Compelling Storytelling

Jessica Hansen
2017 - Washington, DC

Join NPR voice coach Jessica Hansen as she shares insights on breath control, vocal placement and delivery, which increase credibility, accessibility, and comprehension for the listener.

Building Empathy: Audience Interaction and Insight

Carmen Rodriguez Johnson, Ben Philpott, Matt Largey
2018 - Austin

Would you like get to know your audience first-hand?  Do you want to build momentum and energy for an audience centric perspective in your culture? 

Millennial Research Project

In July 2016, the Public Radio Program Directors Association selected the noted media, technology and consumer research firm Jacobs Media to create and execute a study on the behaviors and attitudes of the Millennial generation towards public radio. While there is an abundance of statistical research data about Millennials, it was determined that in order to truly understand this large and complex generation, a more qualitative approach was required.

Long Live the Trump Bump? Here’s What Public Radio’s Newest Listeners Say

Jody Evans, Andi McDaniel, Lettie Holman, Fred Jacobs
2017 - Washington, DC

WAMU partnered with PRPD and Jacobs Media to conduct qualitative research with an initial batch of listeners—and we’re dying to share what we’ve learned about who they are, what they like, and what they say it would take to keep them. Join us as we share our top-level findings.

Millennial Research Project

Fred Jacobs
2017 - Washington, DC

PRPD’s latest, system-wide knowledge project has its first full-scale roll-out. Learn what our next audience thinks about our brand our value in the mediascape, diversity and inclusion – and discover the role local shows play in bonding this critical audience to your station.

The 2016 Tune-up: Leadership for today's needs and tomorrow's opportunities

Goli Sheikholeslami, Jennifer Keeney Sendrow, Kerri Hoffman, Kristen Muller, Paula Szuchman
2016 - Phoenix

Learned, lived and taught. Alchemical and inspirational. Applied discipline and core skill development. Non-profit leadership in 2016 is all of these things. More than ever, a baseline leadership requirement includes the ability to consistently and continually advance an agenda no matter the circumstances. In this session produced by WNYC's Werk It Festival, you will hear cross section of leaders will walk us through the ways they are attacking the future.

Lunch with APM: Radio's Endurance & Evolution

2016 - Phoenix

Our public media future is bursting with new opportunity. We have more ways than ever to reach and grow audiences. At the core is our strength in radio's enduring qualities -- live, responsive, spontaneous, highly relevant, engaging and trusted. Join APM for an invigorating exploration of these qualities and their evolving role in bolstering our future across a complex media landscape. Marketplace's Molly Wood leads a fresh conversation with hosts, producers and program directors across APM's portfolio about leveraging what we do best to grow public media's audience, loyalty and impact.