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Emergency Preparedness

Helen Barrington, Jeff Ramirez, Naomi Starobin, Kristen Muller
2017 - Washington, DC

Has your station established contingency plans for a variety of natural disasters, mass casualty incidents, active shooter situations, accidents and circumstances that may require your staff to evacuate your building? Learn from the people who have led teams through these situations - in small and large shops.

NPR Lunch: Celebrating 30 Years of Fresh Air With Terry Gross

2017 - Washington, DC

The show has been showered with praise over the years, from your listeners to former President Barack Obama, who awarded Terry a 2015 National Humanities Medal. At this lunch the tables will be turned. NPR’s Sam Sanders, host of the new radio show It’s Been a Minute, will interview Terry about her career and her connection with her guests.

Lunch with APM: "Marketplace Morning Report from BBC World Service"

Molly Wood, David Brancaccio, Anu Anand
2017 - Washington, DC

Join us for a lunch conversation with host David Brancaccio and BBC’s Anu Anand, the new host of this reshaped first feed. Marketplace’s Molly Wood will talk with them about how Marketplace Morning Report from BBC World Service will expand the scope and insight of economic news and trends for U.S. audiences, and why it’s essential to understanding our rapidly changing world. 

Lunch with PRI: "Building Bridges"

Kara Miller, Arwa Gunja, Rachel Hubbard, Jason Margolis
2017 - Washington, DC

PRI's flagship daily news programs, PRI’s The World® and The Takeaway are committed to working with stations and visiting communities large and small across the U.S., connecting with people who may think public radio isn't for them. Innovation Hub host Kara Miller will moderate a conversation with Arwa Gunja, executive producer of The Takeaway, Rachel Hubbard, Associate Director and General Manager of KOSU/Oklahoma City, and Jason Margolis, Reporter for PRI’s The World® about building bridges across social and political divides.

2018 - Austin

Austin, TX
Hyatt Regency
Pre-conference Sessions: August 18 - 20, 2018
Conference: August 20 - 23, 2018
Single Occupancy Rate: $189.00

Online Public File Requirements for NCE Radio Stations

The FCC currently requires broadcast stations to maintain a public inspection file which contains documents that must be made available on request. Next year, the FCC will require full-service non-commercial educational (“NCE”) radio stations to transition their hard copy public files to electronic files. It is not eliminating the public file requirement. This memo will help you prepare for an era in which public files will be easily accessible and mistakes easily detectable.

Public Radio Tech Survey 8

The challenge of tracking public radio listeners as the media and technology world is roiled by change is the central purpose of Jacobs Media’s Public Radio Techsurveys. For the past eight years, the Public Radio Program Directors have partnered with Jacobs Media to produce research to help guide the system’s programmers, marketers, and managers as they face a future filled with challenges and opportunities. 

An Election Like No Other

Kevin Dale, Larry Rosin, Terence W. Shepherd, Todd Zwillich
2016 - Phoenix

The 2016 presidential election poses challenges for journalists and stations covering local and national elections. Facts and statistics have taken a back seat to opinion and tweets. Join veteran journalists to discuss how to cover the election and the incoming president and local officials in a time changing norms in politics.

Digital Leadership: Choices, Priorities, and Resources

Matt Martinez, John Davidow, Thomas Hjelm
2016 - Phoenix

Public media audiences are exploring new digital services at a rate that makes it hard to keep up. When potential seems everywhere, savvy leadership becomes critical. NPR's Tom Hjelm and WBUR's John Davidow take us through a conversation about defining the digital value proposition for ourselves and users, making choices about when to complement and when to compete with existing services, and thoughts on the alignment of national and station-based digital strategies. KNKX/Seattle's Matt Martinez will guide a discussion that begins with vision but gets real about resources and priorities, and where we should be placing our bets.