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Audience Research Tools

Stations can serve listeners more effectively by utilizing the many available audience research tools. This information provides the basis for understanding how listeners use your station and other stations in the market.

Air Checking

What aspect of your station’s sound can you influence the most? Other than any national programs your station chooses to air, on-air personnel have the greatest impact on the overall sound of your station.


Hiring and managing staff are some of the most important things a Program Director does. Overlooking this part of the job is a recipe for disaster. Bad hiring choices and underdeveloped management skills will very often result in the Program Director becoming the Ex-Program Director.

Core and Fringe Audiences

As a Program Director, one measure of success that is under your control is the number of core listeners in your audience. We know that programming causes audience – core listeners are those most attracted to the programming your station offers.

Audience Research Basics

Audience data are important because they provide information about how many listeners we are serving, and how well we are serving them. Without this information, we would have a very limited understanding of how many people use our stations, when they listen, how long they listen, where they listen, how loyal they are, and many other important components of audience service.

What Every PD Needs To Know (About Their Audience)

One excellent definition of a Program Director is that he or she is the audience’s representative at a station. The goal of everything a station offers – from major programs to brief announcements – is to serve the audience. But to truly represent the audience, you need to know and understand the audience. What must you know?

Walking the Line Between Audience & Mission for Triple A Stations

Mike Henry, Mark Abuzzahab, Rita Houston
2013 - Atlanta

Public radio contemporary music stations walk the line between the need to grow audience in a competitive environment and the idea that we seek to achieve a mission to enrich our communities.  If we focus strictly on growing audience, we can lose sight of our mission.  But if we focus strictly on our mission, we run the risk of stagnating and losing sight of our own growth potential.

The New Role of the PD in Successful Fundraising

Barbara Appleby, Valerie Arganbright
2013 - Atlanta

This session explores the PD's leadership role in improving the sound and effectiveness of our fundraising on all platforms, our changing relationship with listeners and givers, techniques to reduce on-air fundraising minutes and retain listeners, and effective year-round on-air acquisition as a key strategy to limit on-air fundraising.