344 Resources for Benediction

Talk Show Handbook

Producing a local news/talk program at the consistently high level of quality our listeners expect requires nothing less than a full station commitment, comprehensive advance planning, effective daily teamwork and relentless, ongoing attention to program quality. This handbook has been prepared to help stations meet this challenge.

This handbook focuses on the fundamental radio basics of doing Talk Shows for public radio listeners. Terrestrial radio remains the foundation of our listening and our support. There are few stations that can succeed in new platforms if the foundation is unsteady.

Being a Program Director

What is the essence of being a Program Director (PD)? A major part of the Program Director’s job is developing, understanding and implementing the vision of what the station should be and whom it will serve in the community.

PD Handbook

The PD Handbook is a comprehensive resource for Program Directors – an overview of the principles, skills and accumulated knowledge for public radio programmers. It is designed as a portal to “all things PD” – an up-to-date and evolving knowledge base with links to relevant resources both on the PRPD website and beyond.  It is available to PRPD members only and requires you to log in to the site.

Arthur Cohen - Conference Benediction

Arthur Cohen
2014 - Portland

After 36 years in public radio, PRPD President Arthur Cohen will retire at the end of this year. We’re honored to have him close our conference with his personal reflections on the evolution of public radio and public media. The breadth of Arthur’s career has been equaled only by the depth of his commitment. He brings a lifetime of knowledge and experience to his understanding of our field. This benediction is an opportunity to hear a unique and passionate perspective on the work that we do, and an opportunity to celebrate the man who has devoted his life to make that work better, more successful, and more meaningful for the American public.

The Risk of Reporting

Kelly McEvers, Jason Beaubien, David Gilkey, Elise Hu, Christopher Turpin
2014 - Portland

What will NPR journalists risk to bring great tape and powerful storytelling to your listeners? No matter where our stories take us – whether overseas or into our own communities – NPR journalists put themselves on the line to bring home the stories that need to be told.