PRPD Content Conference Press Policy

PRPD provides complimentary registration in the form of a media pass to professional journalists representing media organizations for the express purpose of gathering news and information to produce media coverage of the PRPD Content Conference.


Media organizations seeking credentials to cover the PRPD Content Conference are limited to one representative from each organization. The representative requesting media registration must be currently employed by a publication or news organization and currently employed by same organization at the time of the Conference.


To be credentialed, the representative must fill out an application form and submit it at least one week in advance of the conference start date. Once the application is approved, PRPD will send conference information to the representative, including a registration code and hotel block details. Once on site, the Media Pass and registration materials can be obtained with photo ID at the designated registration desk.

Each media pass is active at the start of the Conference and expires at the end of the Conference, which means approval is required for each PRPD Content Conference even if a representative has previously qualified for media access at past PRPD conferences.

Media passes can only be used by the approved applicant and cannot be transferred to visitors or other members of the organization.

Media representatives are required to wear their Pass at all times at the event.

Media Pass Access Details

Media pass holders are entitled admission to:

  • All keynote, general, and breakout sessions, including meal sessions
  • Press conferences and briefings
  • Exhibit floor
  • PRPD Membership Meeting

Ticketed events and workshops are not included. Press attendance at ticketed events—those that require pre-registration and/or a fee to attend such as live performances—is at the discretion of the PRPD staff.


Advanced permission is required for news cameras and radio broadcast onsite during the conference, and recording of all or portions of the conference without prior approval from PRPD is prohibited.  PRPD reserves the right to rescind a media pass if the recipient’s news camera, other camera (including on a wireless device) or microphone unduly interferes with, or disrupts, any session of the PRPD Content Conference or violates PRPD’s intellectual property rights in the PRPD Content Conference.

Except by specific prior written permission, any media pass recipient may not engage in the following:

  • Audio and/or video recording longer than 30 seconds at any general, keynote, or breakout sessions or conference-related events, except in the exhibit hall
  • Live streaming of video or audio of any general, keynote, or breakout sessions or conference-related events, except in the exhibit hall
  • Failure to abide by this provision will lead to revocation of a media pass for the current PRPD Content Conference and future conferences.

PRPD contracts with PSAV to record all sessions and the recordings are made available to PRPD members. PSAV is the sole entity authorized by PRPD to record the entire PRPD Content Conference.

In addition:

  • Keynote speakers are generally not available for interviews, unless PRPD staff has provided prior permission.
  • B-roll video of public areas of the conference—the exhibit hall, for example—and video interviews of PRPD staff and member experts are possible, with prior approval by PRPD.
  • Many breakout session speakers may be available for interviews. Contact PRPD prior to the Conference for possibilities.

Media representatives may not share or republish slides or materials from general or breakout sessions without written permission from the presenter(s) and PRPD.

Social Media

PRPD permits and encourages the use of social media at the Conference as a way to summarize, highlight, excerpt, review, critique, and promote the presented materials, ideas, and the Conference in general, provided that

  • the PRPD Content Conference copyright rights are not violated;
  • the use of social media does not violate the foregoing “restrictions;”
  • verbatim information is limited to a few quotes;
  • the author or speaker is referenced and cited appropriately.

The current official conference hashtag is #PRPD19.

Important Notes

Acceptance of a press pass acknowledges that your name, addresses, publication, and other details will be shared with event attendees and sponsors.

Use of PRPD’s photos, audio clips, logos, and other materials related to the Conference in media coverage may not be used without PRPD’s permission, which shall not be unreasonably withheld as long as appropriate attribution is provided. Please contact PRPD staff for specific attribution information.

When you publish or broadcast stories about the PRPD Content Conference we require a copy for our records. Please email links to your coverage to or mention @PRPDorg and #PRPD19 in tweet with the link.

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