Essential Pre-Show Prep

Promotion is critical before the show to draw listeners. Record spots that can be run several times before each show.      

An example how WUNC’s The State of Things plans its Show Promotion.

Promotion is critical during the show to keep listeners listening. Plan how and when you’ll do your in-show forward promotion. Focus on placing promos so they promote listening to the next quarter hour.

When preparing questions you want to ask, write them down. You may not end up using them but it may help in building the narrative. During the actual interview, It is important not to sound like you are reading the questions from a prepared list. There are three things you should never read from copy:

  1. your name

  2. a list,

  3. a question.

Listen to what the guest is saying so that your next question can be based on the previous answer if appropriate. You will sound engaged if you are engaged.

All copy should be read aloud before the show. Plan how you can recap the important points in a segment - those "two most important things" you want listeners to take away.