Show Opens/Guest Intros

Show Opens/Guest Intros

The "sweet spot" for intros is about 30 seconds or less. Get to the point. Listeners just want to know what the topic is, why it is important, who the guest is, and where you are going with this topic and guest. Copy should be written for the ear and not the eye. The only way to make sure that is the case is by reading it aloud.  

          Some Guidelines on Writing Intros developed by WUNC’s The State of Things.

          For a sample of a well written intro go to the Facts vs. Fluff section of this handbook.    

Guest Outros

Guest outros should always include:

  • A recap of the topic and guest/s
  • Information where people can find audio or additional information about the topic on the station website
  • A standard outcue identifying station and host.

While not every interview will tell a story, whenever possible provide a takeaway. For example, “At the beginning of the program we said we’d give you three basic steps you can use to be ready for a home emergency. They are…”