Sense of Place

Be about where you are. While one can contrive to label everything you do as local because “you” are doing it, an interview with an out-of-town author on a national book tour is much less “local” than something that is unique to or rooted in your own community.

While stations producing programs for local broadcast should focus on local content, they should also provide the broad context. For example, if you’re doing a segment on the proposal for a new light rail line in your community, explain how this proposal fits into the bigger picture nationally. Find another community with pertinent experience to share.

Asking a few simple questions can help frame the issue or topic you’re considering: 

  • What special/unique meaning does it have in our community?
  • How does it connect our community with our nation, our world?
  • Has it happened here before?
  • Has it happened elsewhere?
  • Is it part of a pattern?
  • What is the cause?
  • What is the impact?