Caller Screening Guidelines

WNPR Caller Screening Guidelines - Where We Live

If several lines are ringing at once, please answer each call, put them on hold. Go back to them in the order received and take the information. NEVER promise the caller they will get on the air unless the producer tells you to do so.

All callers must have a name and a location. The location can be “cell phone”. Speak slowly and clearly.

Phone Answering

  1. Answer phone: “(Pause) Thank you for calling Where We Live on WNPR. What is your name?” Type in information. Ask them to spell the name if you are unsure.
  2. “Where are you calling from?” Type in information. Ask them to spell it if you are unsure.
  3. “What is your question or comment?” Get the information. Ask them to explain if you don’t understand. Ask them to be more specific if you need to. If you have time, recap the information to the caller to make sure you understand them. More information is better, but when there are many calls, you may need to curtail the caller’s comments. Just tell them you have a number of other callers on the line and move on to the next part.
  4. Give John (the host) any extra information you can glean from the caller. i.e. "very angry" "Works in prisons" "Slow talker" "Excellent caller"

Getting them on the air

  • “Thank you, (name) I’m going to put you into the cue to go on the air.”
  • “Please turn off your radio and listen to the show through your phone.” (if they ask why, tell them there is a delay so they will miss it if they are listening to the radio. )
  • “When John (the host) calls your name, you’ll hear a crackling noise, and you can go right into your question or comment.”
  • “We re-run the show tonight so please don’t say ‘good morning.’ Please say ‘Hi John’, or ‘hello’, but not ‘Good morning’. Okay?” Wait for a response that shows they understand.
  • “Thanks for calling. Please hold on.”

If someone has been holding 5 minutes or more, re-contact them. Thank them for holding and ask them to please hold on a little longer.