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What does America think about us - if they think about us at all?

Sam Milkman, Warren Kurtzman
2016 - Phoenix

Good programmers strive to ensure that their stations deliver the most compelling content possible, but growth is driven by more than content. Brand strength, perceived image and position in the competitive environment matter. To that end, PRPD wanted to know - do non-users have negative perceptions of public radio or is there merely an awareness gap? Coleman Insights will present the findings of a study exclusively fielded for PRPD's Content Conference to demonstrate the roles that market wide awareness and public radio's brand images may play in the challenges public radio faces today.

Deep Impact: Deciding to do Investigative Reporting

Madeleine Baran, Patrick Madden, Kevin Sullivan
2015 - Pittsburgh

So you’ve decided that investigative reporting should be a part of what your station provides to your community. How do you do it? What do you need to know in order to build your team?

PDs Can Create Revenue Too: Event Fundraising Explored

Mike Henry, Ann Alquist, Amy Miller, Mike Sauter
2015 - Pittsburgh

Event and member fundraising start with a strong concept around content. Some Triple A stations already have successful concerts. What are the challenges to throwing a revenue-based event or content activity such as local music CDs or concert fly-aways? Can these programming events and activities be used to lessen the amount of on-air fundraising? Leading program directors will share their secrets to driving revenue from the PD chair.

NPR One and the 21st Century Listener

Jonathan Butler, Sara Sarasohn, John Sutton
2015 - Pittsburgh

It's a way to stay in people’s ears, when they might or might not turn on a radio, but always have a phone. Explore NPR One's possibilities for innovation in storytelling, audience engagement and revenue generation for your station.

Ten Steps To Help Your Station Look And Sound Like Your Community

Luis Clemens
2015 - Pittsburgh

Learn how stations, big and small, are effectively working to achieve greater diversity on-air and online. Participants will walk away with specific measures that can be implemented in the short-term to significant effect. This session will serve as a forum to discuss and share new ideas about how public media outlets can look and sound more like America.

How Triple A Stations Drive Community Engagement

Kelly Wells, Jordan Lee, Scott Mullins, Stacy Owen, Eric Teel
2015 - Pittsburgh

Triple A stations use a hyper-local approach to drive community engagement.  From supporting local artists, venues and events, to being the conduit for all things “local” within the music scene, to promoting local arts and culture in general, these stations are a vital component in a market’s cultural ecosystem.  Learn how leading music stations drive local community engagement.

The Engagement Super Session

Edgar Aguirre, Ron Jones, A Martínez, Graham Parker
2015 - Pittsburgh

The time for thinking about engagement as a buzz­word or fad is O-­V­-E­-R. Whether you reach an expanded audience through digital platforms, in­ person community gatherings, attract them through mammoth special projects or skillfully evolve to include a wider cross section of your community, engagement is a skill set you must master.