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Talent Development Super Session

Mary Hockaday, Ellen McDonnell, John Barth, Dean Cappello
2015 - Pittsburgh

It’s a talent business and we all have to grow our careers – and the people who connect us to the audience. For the first time, the PRPD Conference will bring together public media practitioners who have clear and substantial track records in the area of managing talent and guiding talent development at the highest levels.

Putting the "Video" in Public Radio

2015 - Pittsburgh

More and more Americans are turning to digital video sources to get news and information, as well as to discover new music. Public Media has an opportunity to think beyond its traditional pubcasting boundaries to serve both current and new audiences with local perspectives.

AIR’s The Making of Story: Talk/Listen/Hear

Shereen Marisol Meraji
2015 - Pittsburgh

The sound of words matter.  In each of our cities and towns, from one block to the next, our common language may have dozens of variations.  How can public radio makers listen, hear, speak and make story choices in new ways so our streams and broadcasts better reflect our changing role in community?

The State of Public Radio Audience

Jennifer Strachan, Fred Jacobs, Larry Rosin, Dave Sullivan
2015 - Pittsburgh

This session will be a deep dive into how culture-wide audio usage trends, public radio-specific audience trends, and the ubiquitous tech we rely on is impacting YOUR station and community.

Seeing Change As Opportunity

Eric Nuzum
2015 - Pittsburgh

The human need remains the same - tell me something interesting, make it matter and do it well. The rapid expansion of platforms and the shifting delivery and measurement systems don't change who we are as people inasmuch as they give us more options.

Public Radio...Meet Your Audience

Fred Jacobs
2015 - Pittsburgh

In another PRPD first, Fred Jacobs leads a live, in-the-room focus group with donors from all three of Pittsburgh’s 3 public radio stations. This is going to be nothing short of riveting and will be one of the most valuable hours you will spend this year!

Walking the Line Between Audience & Mission for Triple A Stations

Mike Henry, Mark Abuzzahab, Rita Houston
2013 - Atlanta

Public radio contemporary music stations walk the line between the need to grow audience in a competitive environment and the idea that we seek to achieve a mission to enrich our communities.  If we focus strictly on growing audience, we can lose sight of our mission.  But if we focus strictly on our mission, we run the risk of stagnating and losing sight of our own growth potential.

The New Role of the PD in Successful Fundraising

Barbara Appleby, Valerie Arganbright
2013 - Atlanta

This session explores the PD's leadership role in improving the sound and effectiveness of our fundraising on all platforms, our changing relationship with listeners and givers, techniques to reduce on-air fundraising minutes and retain listeners, and effective year-round on-air acquisition as a key strategy to limit on-air fundraising.

Public Media's Full Spectrum Storytelling

Jennifer Brandel, Julia Drapkin, Harriett Ells, Haley Howle, Sally Kane, Hawk Mendenhall, Noland Walker
2013 - Atlanta

Two years ago, AIR called out to stations at PRPC to step forward to help incubate new models for storytelling, media craft, and distribution, and work together with AIR and producers to push the envelope to realize a new public media.

AIR@25 Mingle

Glynn Washington, Sue Schardt, Torey Malatia
2013 - Atlanta

Emcee Glynn Washington welcomes all to this celebration of AIR's silver anniversary.  Keynote speaker Torey Malatia, AIR's founders, VIP guests, with Executive Director Sue Schardt and President David Freedman welcome producers and stations managers to "mingle" and share the story of public media’s creative culture and the vision for what lies ahead.