2020 Featured Sessions

In a year when budgets are tight, conferences are cancelled and travel seems impossible, PRPD and PMJA brought our industry together for four days of learning, sharing and important discussions about the issues that matter. More than 550 public media journalists, programmers and content creators attended sessions and shared their perspectives on everything from script editing to talent coaching, from broadening our audiences to inequity among our leadership ranks. These are difficult times for public media and we hope Let's Go Live was a bright spot during these dark days.

We encourage everyone to view the session recordings below – “Building and Inlusive Public Media” and “Birth of a Music Format”. These sessions were informative and enlightening and we can all learn a lot.

Building an Inclusive Public Media

Opening Session | Building an Inclusive Public Media from Suzanne Meyer.

Our country is experiencing yet another cultural reckoning as systemic racism and social injustice becomes apparent in our most entrenched systems. As our society struggles to rise to this moment, public media is looking in the mirror and recognizing our own institutional biases. It is time to challenge our own assumptions about our charge as noncommercial education media outlets. Who do we serve and whose vision is driving our most important decisions as an industry? What role can we play in reaching out to a broader audience that includes as much of America as possible? For our opening session, PRPD and PMJA welcome host and author Celeste Headlee, President of Minnesota Public Radio Duschesne Drew and The Takeaway host Tanzina Vega to share their vision of what public media can accomplish if we truly commit ourselves to inclusivity and equity.

Coaching Talent with Confidence

Coaching Talent With Confidence | 9.22.2020 from PRPD

Marilyn Pittman shares her 30 years of talent coaching wisdom so that you can coach your talent with more confidence and a bigger toolbox of techniques.


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