Any noncommercial media organization or individual working in public media is eligible for PRPD membership. PRPD members include noncommercial broadcasters, nonprofit producers and distributors of public media content nationwide. Each organization designates a representative as their main point of contact for PRPD. Members are free to change their designated representative at any time, just send a note to and let us know. 

All employees of station, organizational and institutional members have full access to PRPD's online resources and features and will enjoy discounts on registration to our annual conference, research projects and all workshops.  

Membership benefits include:

  • Discounted registration and exhibitor rates at our annual PRPD Content Conference

  • Discount on Public Radio Tech Survey and other special projects

  • Full access to conference archives

  • Full access to our online knowledge base - including webinars, audience research, PD Handbook, Talk Show Handbook, and more!

  • National level advocacy with major networks

  • Networking—in-person and online (e.g. PRPD closed Facebook group)

  • Access to and analysis of industry and audience trends data

  • Industry-wide research projects—e.g. Millennial Project

  • Peer advisors and decision-making support—experienced staff and board available for insight and advice, airchecks, etc

  • Consulting and Custom Research

  • Basic and advanced training opportunities (MEGS, PD Workshop, Investigative Reporting, Producing Pledge Drives)

  • Customizable profiles for stations, businesses and individuals—share your social media handles, show off your best headshot, and make your station or business and yourself better known to the system.

  • Interactive job board where you can view, post, and apply for positions in public media.

  • Searchable member directory to help you identify colleagues and stations like you, or different from you.