What is PRPD?

The Public Radio Program Directors Association is a vital membership organization that advocates for high-quality programming and provides resources for public media program directors. Our nearly 200 members represent over 800 public media outlets, including national networks, local stations, and independent producers.

PRPD defines the principles of quality programming, provides training and resources for program directors, and builds strong connections within and beyond the public media community. The organization supports programmers as they work to meet the needs of public media audiences.

Program directors, content managers, public media staff, and independent producers join the organization to connect with other media makers and gain knowledge about how to provide outstanding content to their listeners.

How Did We Get Started?

PRPD was founded in 1987 by a group of public radio directors seeking to create a nationwide network and provide support and knowledge to fellow program directors.

The organization strives to:

  • Provide program directors with hands-on advice about how to improve their stations

  • Create opportunities for programmers to collaborate and share skills

  • Establish a clearinghouse for information about the changing public media landscape

  • Advocate for the needs and interests of public media decision makers

How To Get Involved

Join us by becoming a member! We offer 10 tiers of membership for individuals, stations, and institutions. Tiers are based on organizations' annual budgets or station NFFS. Individual members fall into Tier 1. 

Membership benefits include reduced conference registration rates, access to PRPD’s knowledge and training resources, and members-only webinars. PRPD’s annual conference encourages program directors from all corners of the country to collaborate and learn from one another.

We can help you hone your programming skills with practical training and high quality research designed to inform and inspire.

For more information, please contact us at info@prpd.org or 412-838-2815.