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Millennials and our Core Values

Eric Nuzum

Millennials are an incredibly large and important segment of public radio's current audience and engaging with this group is vital for our collective success. Join us for a webinar with Eric Nuzum of Magnificent Noise to learn about how Millennials think and feel about public radio's core values. 

Let's Win Like the Winners We Are!

Ira Glass

This American Life’s Ira Glass believes it’s the perfect time to rededicate ourselves to innovation and excellence, to radio that breaks new ground and thrills listeners. And events that activate our audiences. He brings examples from public radio stations around the country, and from his own show.

Public Radio Meta-Analysis Project

Chris Schiavone
2023 - Philadelphia Penn's Landing

PRPD has partnered with our colleagues at Greater Public and the Station Resource Group to compile more than two dozen local audience research studies from stations across the country, from music and news formats, to perform a meta-analysis that delivers actionable intelligence by identifying common themes, findings and opportunities for audience development.

The Rise of AI and What it Means for Public Media

Jatin Aythora
2023 - Philadelphia Penn's Landing

Join us for a thought-provoking session on the rise of artificial intelligence and natural language processing models, such as ChatGPT, and their impact on broadcast industries. The rapid development of artificial intelligence technology has caused concern for many and it makes sense for public radio professionals to understand how AI can be used for good. Jatin Aythora, Director of Research and Development at BBC will put AI in context and discuss how it is already being used and how media organizations might use it in the future. 

2023 Public Radio Tech Survey

Fred Jacobs
2023 - Philadelphia Penn's Landing

The annual Public Radio Techsurvey, conducted by Jacobs Media and sponsored by PRPD, gives us a snapshot of how your most loyal fans are interacting with media in general and with your stations and content.

Coach Your Talent to Greatness

Valerie Geller
2023 - Philadelphia Penn's Landing

In this session, international broadcast trainer and author Valerie Geller will give you practical, proven methods and tools to identify, and grow your talent along with coaching techniques that work to lead your personalities, reporters and producers to greatness.

What Makes Fresh Air Fresh Air?

Terry Gross, Tonya Mosley, Ann Marie Baldonado
2023 - Philadelphia Penn's Landing

Join hosts Terry Gross and Tonya Mosley with Fresh Air's Director of Talent Development Ann Marie Baldonado to find out how they approach the art of the interview.

Taking Another Listen to Classical Radio

Bill Johnson, Sheila Rue, Michelle Maestas Simonsen, Tanya Treptow
2023 - Philadelphia Penn's Landing

The study is called “Taking Another Listen” and it will probably challenge some of your assumptions about the perceptions, behaviors and expectations of multicultural classical music listeners. Join us for a look at the results and a discussion with the study’s station partners about this groundbreaking research.

Connecting with Latino Audiences

Gabriel Soto, Ernesto Aguilar, Lauren Gonzalez, Abby Goldstein
2023 - Philadelphia Penn's Landing

In this enlightening conversation, we will delve into diverse Latino audiences, exploring available data on media habits, and public media's efforts to effectively engage with this influential segment. Join us as we explore strategies for fostering meaningful connections with Latino audiences in our public media landscape.