Chief Content Officer

Indianapolis, IN


Not given

WFYI is committed to a more informed, inspired, and inclusive Indiana. With a focus on expanding and deepening both audience reach and engagement, the Chief Content Officer will work with teams at WFYI to develop comprehensive strategies that achieve our vision through trusted journalism, inspiring stories, and lifelong learning.

The CCO will be a collaborative leader of vision, strategy, and content creation with practical media experience and cross-platform expertise. The CCO will have big-picture understanding of current and emerging audience engagement with media. They will be knowledgeable about diverse media platforms, processes, and technologies. The CCO will enhance user experience by leveraging current content and new initiatives in relevant cross-platform ways, piloting ideas, and applying technology solutions.

The CCO will be an energizing, expert resource for the CEO and Executive Leadership of WFYI public media and partner entities. A team builder, systems thinker, and source of ideas, the CCO will have passion for content and innovation as well as effective process. The CCO will be adaptive and resilient. They will build and encourage collaborative, high-performing and accountable teams. The CCO will have a record of achieving high quality and realizing efficiencies in contexts relevant to WFYI.