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Philadelphia, PA

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About the Role


This position acts as a vital link in the production team assisting the Morning Edition host, and Newsroom editors in producing morning news and assisting on daily tasks in the newsroom.



  • Review all audio left for morning show in audio vault. Adjust any audio levels as needed.
  • Input audio from File Transfer Protocol server sent from other stations into audio vault.
  • Review other information needed for morning newscasts (sports scores, overnight news events that could become copy stories for the newscast).
  • Write news copy for host.
  • Monitor web traffic service to provide updated transportation information to host.
  • Alert News Assignment Editor or News Director of breaking news or decisions that must be made before morning meeting.
  • Monitor e-mail.

  • Research and book guest for 2-way interview, and help produce finished audio/web presentation.

  • Write cut scripts and process feeds for mid-day newscasts as required by newsroom supervisor.

  • Monitor news events as assigned online and cut up relevant audio for morning and daytime newscasts.

  • Meet daily with Morning Edition host to critique the show.

  • Work on social media presence for Morning Edition.

  • Position starting time is 4:00 a.m.

  • Prepare daily list for 9:20 a.m. meeting and attend the meeting. Then post assignments in email distribution list.

  • Must be familiar and be a part of WHYY’s culturally competent newsroom initiative.

  • Maintain regular and predictable attendance.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Education:  A degree in journalism/communications or in another field, and equivalent knowledge acquired through work experience.


Experience: One to two years journalism experience in radio and other broadcast medium.


Software/Technical Skills: Proficient in Audio Vault, Inews “CMS”, File Transfer Protocol, ProTools, and basic computer software.


*This position is represented by SAG-AFTRA.


*All WHYY employees are required to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Proof will be required upon hiring.