PRPD15 - A Reimagined Conference

Continuous and accelerating waves of change call for critical mass conversations so more than 50% of this year’s conference will be General Sessions.

Here’s a run-down of our confirmed General Sessions and the Breakouts you can expect to find as you make you plans to join us in Pittsburgh for PRPD15 – The Content Conference!

Remember this is NOT a complete list but a preview and as you’ll see this is a MUST attend conference – no ifs, ands or buts about it!

General Sessions

Chris Price: This UK-based music and entertainment strategist has worked with the BBC, MTV and a wide range of digital music pure plays. He will open AND close our conference.  Not only will he speak but also he will attend session and talk with many of you about what you are doing and the challenges we all face.

 David Remnick: The editor-in-chief of The New Yorker is a die-hard radio fan and is passionate about the ways iconic media brands can keep themselves dynamic, relevant and serve their audiences across multiple platforms.
The State of Public Radio Audience: For the first time ever, Edison’s Larry Rosin, RRC’s Dave Sullivan and Jacobs Media’s Fred Jacobs will share a stage at the same time. This session will be a deep dive into how culture-wide audio usage trends, public radio-specific audience trends, and the ubiquitous tech we rely on is impacting YOUR station and community. Be prepared for an extensive Q&A moderated by Jennifer Strachan.
The Power of the PD to create sustainable revenue: Valerie Arganbright and Barbara Appleby were foundational in creating the MPR sustainer program that kicked of public radio’s sustainer revolution. The work is unfinished, though, and PDs, A&A will argue, have the best jobs in radio and the power to insure a sustainable future if they pick up the challenge.
Public radio…meet your audience: In another PRPD first, Fred Jacobs leads a live, in-the-room focus group with donors from all three of Pittsburgh’s 3 public radio stations. This is going to be nothing short of riveting and will be one of the most valuable hours you will spend this year!
The Talent Development Super Session: It’s a talent business, but we need to spend more time thinking, training and preparing for great careers in public radio. We bring together successful leaders who will show us how to excel at hiring, coaching, career and personal development.
Engagement, the pipeline audience and reporting beyond our core audience: Public radio is incubating some very compelling success stories as local stations dig in and build meaningful relationships that extend beyond the traditional base. This work grows audience, delivers revenue and reinvigorates the mission orientation. Find out how you can put it to work for you.

Breakout Sessions

  • Morning Edition and local production: getting the very most out of what you have
  • Program Economics & New Content Creation: how to conceive, model and then launch content operating inside the new rules
  • Local Talent Development II: builds on the Talent Development Super Session
  • Creative and Relevant: Local production for classical and jazz hosts
  • Investigative Journalism: making the model support the mission
  • Is Public Media for Sale? Embracing underwriting while maintaining editorial independence.
  • Podcasting
  • Harsh Realities in Artist Relations
  • Content Collaboration: News and Music
  • Sourcing Solutions
  • The Making of Story:  Talk/Listen/Hear
  • Telling News Stories with Documentary Flair
  • The Classical Music Brand

 And much, much more!!

There are many more sessions in the works.  We deliberately left the agenda fluid to allow us be to respond to the rapidly changing media landscape. Some of the best session ideas have come life in the last month!
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