The State of the Public Radio Audience

We’ve been working hard and having a fantastic time preparing the agenda for PRPD15 and now we get to share the fun with you!

If you’ve been having that “will I or won’t I?” conversation, we think this news will do a lot to put you firmly in the “Yes, I will!” camp.

Join us for The State of the Public Radio Audience

For the first time ever, three of our industry’s most influential and incisive researchers and analysts will share a stage and take your questions. Edison’s Larry Rosen, RRC’s Dave Sullivan, Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media will slice through Voltair, mobile, podcasting and other audio hot-button topics, public radio-specific audience trends, and we’ll get the latest from the Public Radio Tech Survey.

Once Dave, Fred and Larry put away the data firehose, Jennifer Strachan will take over as moderator and will guide the entire conference through an extensive Q&A. I personally reached out to Jennifer because I know she will give the conversation rigor, structure and focus. Jennifer has been doing great work on stations’ digital strategies with Greater Public and for several years was the Asst. GM at KPLU, Seattle.

This session will run several hours on the conference’s first day. This approach is an example of how we’re rethinking the PRPD Conference. We are emphasizing General Sessions that allow us to convene significant conversations with a critical mass of our industry’s programming leadership. This is a strategic move on PRPD's part to focus on the organization's dominant themes, Consumption, Relevance andSustainability, and collaborate with you to make meaningful progress in our industry.
This is just one of the many major sessions coming to PRPD15 this year and I wanted to highlight before the Early Bird registration closes. The full agenda will be posted on September 1st. This year’s conference will be vital and urgent, so I hope you will save the dates, register and join us in Pittsburgh!