Public Radio Tech Survey 8 - Registration Open

The 8th Public Radio Tech Survey (PRTS8) goes into the field May 9 and you need to be a part of this project.

PRTS is the only national research project that allows you to get station-specific data on the ways your audience members perceive, appreciate and use digital media. It is the longest running national project on digital media and public radio listeners. This longitudinal view provides you with the contextual intelligence you need to remain a relevant, vital entity in your community. And if we are not relevant and vital, there is no way we can maintain a sustainable revenue model.

PRPD is thrilled to be partnering with Jacobs Media once again. PRTS7, last year’s study, drew from 20,000 responses delivered by listeners of 54 stations. Here are the headlines of the major topics that will be investigated in PRTS8:

  • Podcasting: Who is using, how much, on what platforms and how valuable is this media option? In addition to tracking usage, PRTS8 will explore the key podcasting topics that listeners are interested in, and how listening to on-demand content affects AM/FM radio listening.
  • NPR One: We’ll be following up on last year’s initial questions so we’ll be able to trend the penetration of this platform, and how your audience is using it.
  • The connected car: This is a huge topic in radio.  We’ll be looking at the in-car audio share of radio, satellite radio, apps, and other audio sources.
  • Editorial & promotion: Listenership to the NPR news magazines is a critical success driver, so PRTS8 will explore how the Presidential race has impacted listening and public radio interest.  The study will also focus on the impact of cross-promotion on usage and occasion setting. 
  • Handsets & platforms: Just as in previous years, PRTS8 will continue to track how public radio listeners are using different devices and content sources – podcasts, streams, mobile – to access their preferred information.

PRPD has been able to get this project to scale, so we are able to keep the cost for participation low – rates for PRTS8 will remain the same as they were in 2015:

  • $500 for PRPD members in markets 1-100
  • $400 for PRPD members in markets 101 and smaller.
  • $750 for non-PRPD members

Because the survey will be fielded in May, stations whose fiscal year ends in June will have the option to either pay before or after the June 30th date.

Here are the details...

PRTS8 will be fielded between May 9-27.  Stakeholder stations can choose to launch the survey any time during that period.  We will work closely with your web/database person(s) to ensure this is a simple, turn-key procedure for you and your audience.

As a stakeholder station, you will receive an array of information to help guide your understanding and decision-making: complete totals for the survey, your format, and your local audience, along with key demographic breakouts. 

Additionally, the Jacobs team will include two different Media Usage Pyramids for your audience – one focused on major activities (radio listening, streaming, podcasting), as well as a new Brand Pyramid that is focused on specific brands from Netflix, Sirius/XM, YouTube, and Pandora.  And of course their traditional Media Usage Pyramid, showing the hierarchy for your local audience, allowing you to compare it to the national totals, as well as generational profiles to help you better understand how different audience segments are using media, and specifically, your content.  

An executive summary will be presented via webinar upon analysis of the data.  It will be open to stakeholder stations and their entire staffs only.  We will then present an executive summary of PRTS8 at the PRPD Conference in September in Phoenix. 

When PRPD and Jacobs Media introduced PRTS to public radio in 2008, we knew these studies would have a significant impact. But as we enter the eighth year, it’s important to emphasize that the success of this project depends on the inclusion of a wide range of stakeholder stations.  Public radio has become reliant on these studies, and the only way to ensure that they continue is to encourage participation, as well as to ask you to share this email with your colleagues.  

We need your station's commitment as soon as possible. 

ACT NOW:  Contact Lisa Riker at Jacobs Media to secure your participation or you can register online

Jacobs Media handles all survey development and hosting details, along with communication with local station marketing, programming, and or web personnel.  Please contact us no later than Friday, May 6. If you have any questions, please call Jacobs Media 248-353-9030.