How to be Successful in a Digital World

As Classical Music Rising, public radio’s classical music stations have been tackling the questions that will shape their future. PRPD is partnering with Classical Music Rising to bring these timely conversations to the 2017 Content Conference for music stations.

~The 21st Century Host – The US is now a full generation beyond the era where music education was phased out as part of the public education curriculum. A whole generation of music-hungry, digitally-oriented Ameericans have not been introduced to classical music in any formal way.  This is a great opportunity for local stations, but the role of the host required a re-evaluation if classical stations are going to strike a new listener compact.


~The Digital Impact – 10 Billion podcasts flowed through the Apple ecosystem in 2016, but almost none of the top performers dealt with music. The licensing structures make it incredibly challenging for local stations to create durable, meaningful digital offerings that include the thing music listeners want the most: long stretches of music. This session looks at what’s sticky – and what’s not – in our rapidly shifting digital landscape. Which of our digital offerings and what new products might we consider to build audiences for classical music and loyalty to our stations? 


~Station imaging, promotion and marketing – When was the last time your station put itself through a serious review of its brand values and the strategies and tactics you use to make and deliver on your brand promise? A simple “show don’t tell” approach won’t work in this mediascape, particularly when the P2 and P3 listener has not yet made a full emotional connection with the music. This session will have lots of ideas from peer stations on the ways you can tackle this critical area.

While these sessions were created in partnership with Classical Music Rising, the information is applicable to all music formats.  Don't let the name fool you.