Listening Day

November 30, 2017 is the first National Day of Station Air Checking.

Continually working with announcers is one of the most important ways a program director can make their station sound more appealing to listeners. Regular aircheck sessions are radio’s version of ‘quality control’. The sessions benefit the station's sound and help all your on-air folks to be the best they can be for your audience.

Don't forget that as a member of PRPD you have access to lots of resources about air checking, forward promotion and OES scheduling just to name a few.

After you listen we'd love to know what 3 things you're going to work on to improve your station's sound. Share those three things with us and we'll tackle them together.

As always PRPD is here as a resource - both online and in person. We're happy to do station air checking with PD's who are new or just need a refresher... or a maybe a little more confidence or just some support. Sometimes an extra set of ears really does help.

Happy Listening!