Exciting Updates to the PRPD Board of Directors Roster

We are pleased to announce two exciting developments to the PRPD Board of Directors Roster:

First, Todd Mundt (WBUR) will be taking over as Board Chair following the resignation of Hawk Mendenhall.

Second, Jeff Ramirez (KERA) has been appointed by unanimous board vote to Hawk’s now-vacant seat.

According to PRPD President and CEO Jody Evans, “The PRPD board’s guidance, energy and expertise is instrumental in pushing PRPD forward to a bright future. We will miss Hawk’s leadership and are looking forward to gathering with him in Austin for this year’s Content Conference. With Mundt at the helm and Ramirez on the team, we know great things are ahead.”

Mundt is the Senior Managing Editor of Here & Now, the daily news magazine co-produced by WBUR and NPR. Previous to his role at WBUR, he was Managing Producer at KUOW, Chief Content Officer at Louisville Public Media and Content Director at Iowa Public Radio. Todd was also Editorial Director at NPR Digital Services and from 1998-2003, he hosted The Todd Mundt Show, produced at Michigan Radio and distributed by NPR. Todd began his career in public radio in 1985.

Ramirez is the Vice President for Radio at KERA. Ramirez, who joined the KERA staff in 2006, is responsible for directing the overall sound of both KERA 90.1 FM and KXT 91.7 FM. Ramirez is a well-traveled public broadcasting veteran, having worked across the United States in Anchorage, Alaska; Washington, D.C.; San Francisco and San Diego. He came to Texas after working at Alaska Public Media, and also previously served as Manager of Radio Projects and Programming at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in Washington, D.C. Ramirez has a B.A. in journalism from San Diego State University.