Balcomb & Barbaro share the obsessions that drive “The Daily”

Anyone who says they don’t love to learn how the sausage is made is fibbing.

For just a bit over an hour, The New York Times’ Theo Balcomb and Michael Barbaro walked PRPD18 attendees through the genesis and evolution of “The Daily.” The podcast is an unqualified success that’s now taking root on public radio stations and the crowd was primed to hear Balcomb and Barbaro share some of the ingredients in the secret sauce..  

It turns out it’s something well-known to public radio makers  - the team’s collective obsession. According to Balcomb, the quest to continually top themselves ggrows from the understanding that “we don’t have hours to fill, we just have to make a really perfect 20-25 minute show.” 

Of course, “The Daily” is also powered by The New York Times’ journalism and a newsroom of over 1,500 journalists.

Michael Barbaro, Host, The Daily, The New York Times
Theo Balcomb, Managing Producer, The Daily, The New York Times

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