A New Path to Greater Impact for Local Podcasters

The podcast landscape has now gotten much more interesting. Google's new podcast strategy has the potential to dramatically change two areas that have hampered podcasting: recommendation and discovery. 

The combination of new tools from the world's largest data company, improved functionality on the largest handset install base and the emergence of AI and machine learning could turn the hints users are giving every day into suggestions that anticipate their interests.

This session from this year’s conference digs into the pitfalls of Google-shaped search-and-anticipation world and how AI, search and improved discovery can improve the opportunities for a more diverse group of podcasters.

This session goes so directly to the heart of PRPD’s overarching belief that Consumption, Relevance and Sustainability are the foundations of a successful future that we’re pulling this out from behind the members-only area.

Mikel Ellcessor, Limina House

Zack Reneau-Wedeen, Google Podcasts
Shane Mac, Assist

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