PRPD Webinar to Explore the Role of the Core Values

At PRPD's 2018 Content Conference, Fred Jacobs said that, based on his view of the latest research, the Core Values still hold.

He proceeded to show listener responses sharing their reasons for listening to public radio. The needs public radio was meeting in those listeners definitely align with the Core Values documented in the original Core Values Project.

Launched in 2000, the project’s central goal was to clearly define and articulate the fundamental appeal of public radio’s programming.

The Core Values were built by having producers talk among themselves about their work and then reverse engineering that understanding through focus groups back to the existing audience. The most significant study of public radio's service and appeal was done before social media, smartphones, and the emergence of Millennials - the largest and most diverse generation in American history.

As the media environment gets more challenging (more sources of content, more platforms, etc), the time is NOW for public radio to strengthen existing audience relationships and add new ones.

We can't take our place in the media landscape for granted, we can't assume that younger audience members will find us on the radio, we can't assume that they naturally intuit or understand the mores and values that drive the current approach and, critically, we can't take our members' support for granted.

Join us on Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 4pm ET  for a webinar that is designed to be immediately useful for every news and information-focused public service broadcaster.

Reflecting the importance and relevance of this webinar, PRPD has partnered with NFCB to make this available, free of charge, to every public radio station.

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