Weekend Project - Status Update

Just over a month ago, in partnership with WAMU, PRPD initiated a major new collaboration. We proposed that with some minor format changes, public radio can become a more reliable destination for news consumers.

We asked for your input and support—and the response has been hugely encouraging. A few updates:

  • A total 177 stations have signed on to the effort(!)—spanning organizations large and small.
  • We’ve conducted a network-wide survey of weekend capacity (58 respondents)—you can read the results here. A few standout findings:
    • 64% of respondents said they have the capacity to make use of more local time
    • 97% of respondents hope to expand their live-air presence on weekends
  • WNYC has successfully communicated and enacted its weekend format changes.
  • Conversations are underway with APM, PRX, NPR, and BBC about the initiative—and so far all have been highly receptive. APM, for example, is exploring this with the BBCWS and has been very engaged with this project. If you are part of the June BBC fly-in, please be ready to discuss the Weekend Project!
  • PRPD, WAMU, and several of you have spoken with Current for an article they’ll be publishing about the effort—expected any day now.

What’s next? Our focus over the next month will be on:

  •       continuing to gather input from you to ensure the initiative reflects your goals and needs
  •       advocating on your behalf to the national producers
  •       communicating our progress back to you

We’ve got some great momentum going—and look forward to sharing more milestones soon. Questions? Input? Reach out!