Public Radio Tech Survey 2019 - Get in on the Action

A common theme of our times is disruption – impacting every industry. Including ours. At no time have media outlets been so in-flux as content, distribution, and content patterns change. 

We don’t want to miss out, and we definitely want to keep up, ensuring our stations are ready for whatever’s next.

That’s why PRPD is excited to partner once again with Jacobs Media on Public Radio Techsurvey 2019 (PRTS 2019)

In past decade, PRTS has been instrumental in identifying trends in technology and helping public radio stations navigate both the landscape contour and how to maneuver through it. 

A year and a half ago, almost no one outside the bleeding edge adopter community and tech innovators was talking about smart speakers. Now, more than 1 in 4 Americans have access to one, and the number are growing at “iPhone speed."  That’s a bold new doorway into peoples’ lives – and their homes? 

What’s driving that rapid change and what does “voice” mean for a public radio manager and their station – in homes, at work, and in cars?

What’s new for PRTS 2019?
In addition to all the trackable data that has been a part of every PRTS study, as well as exploring current events issues, the Jacobs team has important new questions planned for PRTS 2019.

  • Smart Speakers – How has your audience responded to the rapid rise of smart speakers (Amazon Echo and Google Home) and how are they using them?  Do they own more than one?  And are smart speakers additive to broadcast radio listening?
  • Podcasting – This year’s study will go even deeper into podcasting, a vital topic for public radio.  PRTS will look at how your audience consumes podcasts, and how they impact real-time radio listening.
  • Trump Bump/News Burnout? – We will also look at the effects of the 24/7 news cycle and if, or when, it leads listeners to engage more – or to tune out.  This is something PRTS has been tracking since the 2016 primaries.  It is essential to understand the current impact of the political storm – and whether listeners are still clamoring for coverage or seeking escape on music stations.
  • Privacy is the new black – The PRTS study wisely dipped the big toe into this issue in 2018.  In this year’s survey, privacy will be more thoroughly explored, as well as its impact on your station. 

The goal of these PRTS studies is to help public radio stations better understand the impact change and disruption have on their operations and help them strategically navigate the digital waters in order to maximize effectiveness, build strategies, communicate to staffs, and set priorities.  

Whether you’re a public radio News/Talk, AAA, Classical, or Jazz station, PRTS 2019 is loaded with great data your station can put into use. It is essential for planning as you weather these turbulent times.

Fred Jacobs will also be presenting highlights from this study at this year’s PRPD Conference in Minneapolis. It is essential we garner as much participation as possible. 

Do not miss out. Sign up takes just a few minutes and there's no substitute for this vital annual assessment tool.  

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Riker at Jacobs Media - 248-353-9030.

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