Upcoming May Webinar: Using Music to Strike a Chord with your Listeners

If there are two things we know, it’s that people are passionate about music, and that these days public radio listeners need a little news relief. Whether you’re an all-music station, a mixed format, or all-news, we’d like to inspire you to find ways to connect with your local communities — and possibly bring in new listeners and members — by partnering creatively with local musicians and music lovers alike.

Through radio programming, podcasts and events, WFAE’s Ju-Don Marshall, Joni Deutsch and Jeff Bundy have successfully used their music initiatives as a springboard for meaningful community engagement, an entry point of entry for younger audiences, and fuel to boost their community service. Join them for this practical, all-level webinar!

This webinar will be happening on Tuesday, May 28 at 2 p.m. ET.

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