Deadline Approaching to Register for the 2019 Public Radio Tech Survey

The Deadline to Register for PRTS is June 17

For the past TEN years, the Public Radio Program Directors have partnered with Jacobs Media to produce research to help guide the system’s programmers, marketers, and managers as they face a future filled with challenges and opportunities. 

PRTS has proven to be instrumental in identifying and analyzing the technology trends of our audiences to help public radio stations navigate the disrupted landscape of our society and make decisions on how to successfully maneuver through it.

You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to learn more about your audience.

The deadline to participate is Monday, June 17. Get your station signed up right away - because you need to know what your audience is thinking about:

  • Smart Speakers
  • Podcasting
  • News Burnout
  • Privacy Issues
  • Connected Cars
  • Social Media
  • and more!

PRTS participation is essential for so many reasons. Sign up takes just a few minutes and there's no substitute for this vital annual assessment tool. 

The PRTS research remains one of the best deals in public radio. You can be a part of this vital research opportunity for a steal:

  • $550 for PRPD members in markets 1-30
  • $450 for PRPD members in markets 31-75
  • $350 for PRPD members in markets 76+
  • $750 for non-PRPD members

Questions? Contact Lisa Riker at Jacobs Media today.