You Spoke And We're Listening

The PRPD Board of Directors just returned from our annual retreat, where we reviewed the results of our latest system survey. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 205 people completed our survey, which is up from 173 last year. 66% are current PRPD members, 34% are not. 
  • Respondents were somewhat evenly distrubuted by market size, budget size and job title. 
  • 62% old us that developing strategies for new audio platforms while maintaining current service is a significant challenge.
  • 62% say that you struggle to connect with a shifting and fragmented audience.
  • 83% would like to see PRPD present more learning opportunities for programmers
  • 70% want PRPD to have more contact with our members throughout the year. 
  • 58% feel that basic training workshops are important, yet only 22% of you are satisfied with PRPD's efforts to deliver them.

Here are some of your comments: 

"PRPD doesn't offer anything to improve my competitive opportunity. PRPD started to take some ground with webinars and national research in the last few years, but that seems like it's dropped off and I just can't figure out why the organization exists anymore".

"I know it's difficult to serve all sizes of stations, but I would love it if PRPD could put more advance thought into how big-picture big-station big-market ideas can be adapted by small (and smaller), standalone stations."

“More active training of future PDs and content leaders. There is a noticeable gap here. We need a pool of talent to mentor, train, learn from and eventually prepare to lead.”

"The PRPD hasn't kept up with the needs of all stations serving public media.  In order for it to be a vital organization it must be more relevant, more "present" in our work in all the ways outlined in the survey."

“We are a ‘music first’ station. It appears that most of the training materials are aimed at News/Talk facilities. Those are of little value to my staff.”

"PRPD needs to be a clear leader in areas related to content in public radio. With its new leadership, I'm confident it will become that again."

You can always contact PRPD with your feedback at