PRPD Spring Training REVISED

Earlier this month we announced our new Spring Training program with webinars scheduled through June 2020. Its hard to imagine that just three weeks ago, we had no idea how the COVID-19 golbal pandemic would affect our daily lives. Therefore, PRPD is revising our webinar schedule to respond to the rapidly changing needs of our members and colleagues. 

  • Thursday, April 2 at 1:00 pm EST - Music Programmers Respond - Music format stations are especially challenged during the age of coronavirus, trying to find the right balance of providing vital information and giving people the respite they so desperately need and want. Join us for a Q&A with music station programmers on how they are programming for their audience in a global pandemic. Abby Goldstein - PRPD President, moderator, Jim McGuinn - Program Director, The Current, Ruth Phinney - Program Director, WXXI and Jordan Lee - Program Director, Radio Milwaukee.  REGISTER HERE
  • Wednesday, April 15 at 2:00 pm - When COVID-19 forced mandatory closures, cancellations and shelter-in-place orders, many public radio stations were either actively fundraising or preparing for on-air drives. Plans have changed quickly as we are forced to shift our focus to more urgent needs. Yet the need for membership revenue is critical and stations are finding creative ways to raise necessary funds at this unprecedented time in our history. PRPD and Greater Public are teaming up to present this webinar on fundraising during a global pandemic. Panel and registration information is coming soon. 

All webinars for May and June are currently on hold and we are exploring future topics as the situation unfolds. If you have ideas for upcoming webinars, please send them to 

WE ARE ALSO EXTENDING THE DEADLINE FOR CONFERENCE SESSION PROPOSALS!!  Friday, April 3rd at midnight is now the deadline for those submissions. SUBMIT YOUR IDEA HERE.