2022 Public Radio Tech Survey

Jacobs Media Strategies

PRPD and Jacobs Media invite you to participate in Public Radio Techsurvey 2022. The goal of these database driven studies is to help your station better understand the impact and disruption that digital has with your most dedicated supporters and fans. The information in this study can help you strategically navigate the digital waters to maximize effectiveness and set priorities. This is our 14th annual survey tracking the habits, needs, and desires of core public radio listeners. This year’s survey will tackle some of the following:

  • Are we approaching “normal?” Last year’s PRTS study showed public radio very much impacted by COVID, and we will track listeners’ changing behaviors.
  • Who’s the competition?  Who is competing for the time and attention of your loyal audience? We have an exciting new question series we’ll debut in PRTS 2022.
  • How to navigate the generational shift? New platforms and content portals are emerging. How can (or should) public radio participate, and how does that activity impact new audiences as well as the core?
  • How is public radio’s image and reputation holding up post-COVID? Have media habits demonstrably changed in recent years and what impact (if any) is that having on public radio?
  • Which streaming audio and video platforms are seeing increased usage among your listeners (and which are falling)
As a stakeholder in this study, your station will receive an array of information including complete totals for the survey, your format, and your local audience, along with key demographic breakouts. In addition, an executive summary will be presented virtually in an exclusive presentation just for stakeholder stations and their entire staffs. 

The deadline for registration is Thursday, May 26th.

PRPD Members receive a significant discount for this modestly priced survey. 

Top 30 Markets: $550 (PRPD Members)
Markets 31-75: $450 (PRPD Members)
Markets 76+: $350 (PRPD Members)
Non-PRPD Members: $750