Intelligence Squared Debate: Is Public Radio Still Relevant?

John Donvan, Kmele Foster, Eric Nuzum
2022 - New Orleans

Between podcasts, satellite radio and on-demand streaming, some argue that public radio’s signal is fading. Nimble upstarts and emerging technologies have created wildly successful new platforms, enabling a broad diversity of creators to broadcast their views. Listeners can tune in at their convenience and personalize their feeds. What does this mean for the future of public radio? Proponents argue public radio is one of the last sources of high-quality, trusted news and information, critical to an informed electorate, functioning democracy, and balanced civic engagement. Is public radio the answer to combating misinformation and depolarizing the public square, and if so, can it compete in a digital world? In this general session produced exclusively for PRPD, Intelligence Squared presents the question: Is public radio still relevant? Hear both sides take on this debate, critical to the future of our industry and our nation.