Public Media's Role in Advancing Our Democracy

Kathy Merritt, Alisa Barba, A. Rima Dael
2022 - New Orleans

As we approach the 250th anniversary of America’s independence, democratic values, systems, and norms are being challenged in new ways. Fracturing social bonds, faltering faith in institutions, a lack of understanding of our political system, and agreement over facts threaten to undermine our civil society. Public media plays a vital role in connecting communities with the information they need to participate fully in democratic processes, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is supporting efforts to renew and revitalize our democracy. Join this session to learn about CPB’s efforts to grow state government coverage in public media, based on gaps identified in the Edison Research survey of stations, as well as the work being done through the engaged journalism initiative, America Amplified, to ensure that American citizens have the facts they need to participate in local, state, and Congressional elections this fall.