The Risk of Reporting

Kelly McEvers, Jason Beaubien, David Gilkey, Elise Hu, Christopher Turpin
2014 - Portland

What will NPR journalists risk to bring great tape and powerful storytelling to your listeners? No matter where our stories take us – whether overseas or into our own communities – NPR journalists put themselves on the line to bring home the stories that need to be told. Join NPR correspondent Kelly McEvers for a panel conversation around the split-second decisions that our journalists make every day in the pursuit of the story…decisions that can involve life and and abroad. Joining Kelly will be Global Health and Development Correspondent Jason Beaubien, who has been covering the Ebola outbreak in Africa; Photojournalist and Video Editor David Gilkey, who has documented events including massive natural disasters and wars for NPR; and Technology and Culture Reporter Elise Hu who reported from Ferguson, Missouri, on the confrontations between police and protesters in the aftermath of the death of Michael Brown. The panel will be introduced by Christopher Turpin, Acting SVP for News.