Talent Development Super Session

Mary Hockaday, Ellen McDonnell, John Barth, Dean Cappello
2015 - Pittsburgh

It’s a talent business and we all have to grow our careers – and the people who connect us to the audience. For the first time, the PRPD Conference will bring together public media practitioners who have clear and substantial track records in the area of managing talent and guiding talent development at the highest levels.

  • Mary Hockaday, Controller BBC World Service English, has sought out and coached talent for the world's #1 news brand and she has wrestled with what it means to help that talent connect with audiences who are located in virtually every country on the planet.   
  • Ellen McDonnell, President of Ellen McDonnell Consulting and former NPR Executive Editor for News, will reveal her values, thinking and processes for hiring, coaching, and career development.
  • John Barth, Chief Content Officer at PRX, will share what he has learned from experience acquired through his work with daily news (Marketplace), program development (Reveal, The Moth and much more) and his latest work developing the next wave of podcasts from PRX.
  • Dean Cappello, WNYC’s Executive VP and Chief Content Officer, advocates taking risks and investing deeply in people who can bring truly distinctive POV and an expansive, authentic voice to public media and, as a result, we have Jad Abumrad, Anna Sale, Brian Lehrer, Manoosh Zomorodi and others to share with our audiences.