326 Resources

Events: The Essential of Live and Local

Jon Cohn, Candice Springer, Tanya Erlach, Ryan LaCroix
2022 - New Orleans

This session will bring together producers and programmers from across the industry to discuss the value of events as content offerings and how to balance bandwidth and scalability through internal collaboration. Find out how stations are using multi-platform events to expand their public service mission and achieve their strategic goals.

The Importance of Building a Daily News Podcast

Byron Love, John Barth, Arvid Hokanson, Morgan Holm
2022 - New Orleans

We'll look at examples from KCUR, KUOW and Oregon Public Broadcasting to get an idea of how to manage daily news podcasts effectively.

Become an Accessibility Champion with CBC's Rachel Desjourdy!

Rachel Desjourdy
2022 - New Orleans

Join this interactive workshop with Rachel Desjourdy, Accessibility Lead at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Learn how your radio content can be more accessible to all contributors and content creators. Ensure your employees experience an inclusive and accessible workspace. Consider how disability is an aspect of diversity, acknowledge common barriers, and reflect and include people with disabilities in your stories and storytelling.

Music Journalism in the Age of Streaming

Eric Deggans, Jason Wilkins, Amanda Sewell, David Linton
2022 - New Orleans

This panel will cover how to recruit musicians for interviews, best practices for conducting research, maximizing interviews across platforms and enhancing the music discovery experience. This session will bring clarity and focus to your music journalism efforts.

A Unified NPR App and the Future of Public Radio

Emily Barocas
2022 - New Orleans

We’ll give participants a tour through the initial launch version of the app and the launch process. We’ll discuss the future vision for the app and how it will be built to become a hub for major NPR Network priorities. Finally, we'll highlight the ways that Member stations of all sizes can best leverage the new app to connect their content with a digital audience and give participants a chance to tell us what they would like to see in this unified app - from feature requests to branding and business model ideas.

Sponsored by PRX: Leadership Approaches to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA)

Jason Saldanha, Byron Green, Maria Elena Romero, Wonbo Woo
2022 - New Orleans

Join a panel of public media leaders who are developing more diverse content and workspaces and hear how stations can do more through a framework guided by pillars of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA). You’ll walk away with recommendations on how to use assessment and coaching to create IDEA roadmaps and knowledge to distinguish between building culture and culture enforcement and how the two interact. 

Contextualizing the Uncomfortable in Music Programming

Matt Martinez, Oliver Camacho, Jordan Lee, Lindsay Kimball
2022 - New Orleans

When and how do music format stations decide to limit or suspend an artist from the playlist? Join a group of experienced music programmers from various formats as they discuss their own processes for making these difficult decisions.

Redefining Classical: How Radio is Getting Involved

Julie Amacher, Scott Blankenship, Meghann Oglesby, Suzanne Nance, Dr. Louise Toppin, Lara Downes
2022 - New Orleans

In this session, a panel of leaders in Classical music and media will discuss the innovative ways they are working to address this pervasive issue. Special recorded video presentation by Lara Downes.

Sponsored by APM - Ukraine Behind the Curtain: Editorial, Operations, and Crisis Communications in a War Zone

Amy Lundgren, Jeff Jones, Kate Peters, Jon Zilkha
2022 - New Orleans

BBC representatives, Kate Peters (Senior News Editor) and Jon Zilkha (WS English Controller) will share what goes on behind-the-scenes at BBC News to provide war zone coverage, including deployment plans, training, and planning resources for journalists. Jeff Jones (KNOW) will share how he makes scheduling decisions for breaking news events like this to meet audience expectations.  

The Path to Program Director

Ele Ellis, Douglas Bell, Jacqueline Cincotta, Eric Teel
2022 - New Orleans

 In this session, experienced programmers will discuss their own pathways into this role and why that experience is advantageous. This conversation will help you identify strong talent and develop them into content leaders of the future.