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Programming For Kids

Bill Childs, Sam Payne, Katie Stone, "Uncle Devin" Walker
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

In this session, we'll hear from the producers of shows designed for kids and families about the benefits and rewards of programming for children.

Save Your Endangered History

Rachel Curtis, Casey Davis Kaufman, Debra Fraser, Terry Gildea
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

. In this session, learn how you can be a part of preserving the social, political, cultural and artistic history of your region.

Objectivity and the Culture of Journalism

Tracy Brown, Angela Kocherga, Keith Woods
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

Join Keith Woods, NPR’s Chief Diversity Officer, as he moderates a discussion on how this moment in our industry and our society is shaping a future culture of journalism.

America Amplified and Election Coverage

Scott Blanchard, Kathy Lu, Mary Shedden, Donna Vestal
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

At this session, we’ll share how things are working out as America Amplified prepares for a national call-in show in October and November. Come learn what we’ve discovered about community engagement, collaboration and the power of a dynamic network.

Covering the COVID Election with Reveal, APM Reports and Member Stations

Sumi Aggarwal, Dee Hall, Tom Scheck
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

Join us to see how the collaboration is playing out just weeks before the election and get a preview of some of our findings. Sumi Aggarwal will moderate a panel of journalists from Reveal, APM Reports and members stations.

Building a Station Mentoring Program

Amy Kovak-Ashley, Doug Mitchell
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

Join Doug Mitchell, Founder/Project Director for NPR's Next Generation Radio and Amy Kovac-Ashley, Vice President/Senior Director with the American Press Institute for a 45-minute session on getting a station-based program off the ground.

Public Radio Tech Survey

Fred Jacobs, Abby Goldstein
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

This year’s survey has the added benefit of giving us a glimpse into how media and device usage may have changed as a result of COVID-19. Join Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media for a look at the 2020 results.

Birth of a Music Format

"Madd Hatta" Ben Thompson, Ayana Contreras, "Heart Attack" Mike Mauzone, Nikki Swarn, Mike Henry
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

After thoughtful research and planning, “Urban Alternative” began in 2016, we'll meet the people managing these new stations and learn about their journey.

Responsive On-Air Fundraising

Ben Adler, Lindsay Kimball, Mike Wallace
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

Join us for practical tips and real-world examples of stations who put the news and music first during their on-air fundraising campaigns.