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Culture of Journalism: Editorial Integrity and Independence

Terry Gildea, Mark Memmott
2019 - Minneapolis

Member stations’ newsrooms are increasingly the primary sources of news for their audiences. That means the stations’ reporters, producers and editors are being called upon more often to tackle news that could be sensitive for major donors or the organization that holds the station’s license. One of the most effective ways to protect a newsroom and codify its independence against outside influence is to craft an editorial integrity document.

5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Station Sound Better Next Week

Jeff Rowe, Steve Nelson, Jonathan Blakley, Kari Anderson
2019 - Minneapolis

PDs and GMs are busier now than ever before, and sometimes that means you might run out of time to think about the basics. Take an hour during the conference to learn (or remind yourself) about 5 things that you can do starting Monday to make your station sound better. Along with well-established best practices, we'll talk about how you can be ahead of the curve on smart speaker listening, and hear real-world experiences from your PD colleagues.

Live Events That Strengthen Public Radio

Amy Macdonald, Candice Springer, Sarah Austin Jenness, Laura Hadden, Luke Burbank
2019 - Minneapolis

In a time of deafening online chatter and digital isolation, live events have become a powerful force for good. Attending live events makes people feel more connected to each other, the community, and the world around them. In this session, we'll explore a variety of different events, from policy discussions to live podcasts to music performances, that engage with passionate audiences and create positive impressions for your brand.

Ethics Can Be Fun...Really!

Michael Arnold, Mark Memmott, Nancy Cassutt, Elizabeth Jensen
2019 - Minneapolis

In stations and newsrooms across the public radio landscape, challenging ethical decisions are being made every day and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to draw the line. Ethics can seem like a dry topic. But this session will be interactive, entertaining and fun, helping you navigating ethical issues at your station. We’ll be digging into real situations you’ve faced with our panel of ethics experts.

The Sound of Public Radio Music

Anne Standley, Mike Henry, Nick Spitzer, Brian Newhouse
2019 - Minneapolis

Music format stations from classical to americana are beloved and respected cultural institutions in their own communities and on the national stage. Public radio's celebration of music in all its forms is vitally important to American cultural life and now its time to showcase the impact we have on audiences, artists, the music industry and our own local ecosystems.

Research, Relevance and Racial Bias: The Case for Culturally Competent Newsrooms

Cecilia Stanton-Adams, Andi Egbert, Linda Miller
2019 - Minneapolis

A recent survey of Minnesota media professionals unearthed a disturbing disconnect. While a majority of journalists say it is necessary to understand racial bias in order to be effective in their jobs, most have never received unconscious bias or similar training. Yet despite this lack of training, the majority of Minnesota journalists feel confident in their ability to report on racial and cultural groups other than their own.

Independent Producer's Session

Daren Dortin, Katie Thornton, Kevin Cubbins
2019 - Minneapolis

PRPD is not just for station managers and program directors; independent content producers also attend the conference in growing numbers. This session allows for conversations and information sharing around issues pertaining to program marketing, distribution and online content, and how new programs are created, launched and distributed.

The Philosophy of Music Scheduling

Jill Sorenson, Mike Sauter
2019 - Minneapolis

For most listeners, your station is only as good as the music they are hearing right now. As a programmer, your priority is to make sure every time someone tunes in they have a great listening experience. Scheduling software can help you improve the consistency of your sound, grow your audience and free up your host's time so they can focus on excellent presentation.

How to Talk to Talent: Voice Coaching for Producers and Managers

Jessica Hansen
2019 - Minneapolis

Sometimes its difficult to talk with on-air talent about things like presentation, style, energy, or nerves. We know how to identify what we need, but sometimes we can't articulate effectively when coaching talent. This session will help you better understand the relationship, will give you language to talk with your on-air staff and will allow you to get immediate results.