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Engagement for Everyone

Ashley Alvarado, Stephanie Federico, Jackie Hai, Hannah Wise
2018 - Austin

Community engagement has reached a new inflection point. The promise of expanded skills that facilitate deeper, richer relationships with a wider cross section of our community is smacking headlong into cynicism as it's being dismissed as the flavor of the day/ month/ year.

Misunderstanding of the discipline, and what it offers, abounds. In some organizations, engagement has collapsed into Audience Outreach and Diversity & Inclusion plans. At others, the focus on relationships has allowed teams to expand and modernize the concept of public service.

Lunch with APM: "Working Together to Reach New and Diverse Audiences with Trusted Sources"

Evelyn Larrubia, Molly Wood, Steve Titherington, Rupa Jha, Michael Barbaro
2018 - Austin

We all know the value of introducing new audiences to public radio, and retaining loyal listeners, but how are we actually adapting to meet changing needs and demographics? Do our staff and programs reflect the audiences we currently serve and seek? Are we meeting them where they are, or simply hoping they’ll find us? What are we doing to earn their trust and loyalty, given the dizzying array of new media outlets and sources?

Movies for Your Ears

Rebecca McInroy, Chris Tarry, Dylan Keefe
2018 - Austin

This General Session will feature true audio artists in a conversation about the power of their craft in the world of the earbud.

Voice Coaching: A DIY Workshop

Jessica Hansen
2018 - Austin

This practical, hands-on workshop will teach you to create more options for your on-air delivery, using techniques to expand and release your voice.  

What is Public Radio's Big Tent Audience Strategy?

Mikel Ellcessor, Fred Jacobs, Jennifer Strachan, Kashmir Birk
2018 - Austin

What's changed in the last 10 years? The American population. The platforms they use and the value they place in their media-enabling technology. The baselines of trust, authority and authenticity and agency.

With culture, technology and leadership as the primary lenses, this General Session will focus on how we evolve and grow public service media in the face of monumental, unrelenting change.

Diversity and Inclusion Metrics: What to Measure to Drive Positive Change

Jennifer Brown Dargan, Jonathan Blakley, Victoria Farmer, Kara Wentworth
2018 - Austin

How can we measure diversity to drive change?What should we measure? How? How do you get buy-in across an organization? How do you build data collection into regular workflow? And how can you present and implement the data to affect real change? Join a diverse group of public media organizations as we talk about the work we’ve done, lessons learned, and our aspirations for the future.

Radio Rediscovered with the American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Ernesto Aguilar, Ryn Marchese, Bill Siemering
2018 - Austin

At this session, AAPB staff will give AAPB background and overview; discuss the workflow and requirements for contributing a collection to the Archive, including an overview of grant opportunities for digitization and suggested partnerships; provide recommendations for jumpstarting your station's archival program and give tips for community engagement. 

Ready, Set, Launch! Building and Deploying a Growth Strategy

Julie Amacher, Joe Barr, Jacquie Fuller, Brandon Santos, Luke Dreyer
2018 - Austin

How do we set the right foundation for growing our audiences? We’ll examine ways to identify your growth opportunities and align efforts around making the most of them.  We’ll share tips on defining audience segments, gathering insights, setting the right kind of goals and using them to efficiently create and learn on an ongoing basis.

Immigration Coverage that Tears Down Silos

Monica Campbell, Angilee Shah, Sasha Khokha, Arthur Nazaryan
2018 - Austin

What does it take to deliver immigration coverage that gets beyond the beltway and tears down the stereotypes? For Global Nation, the immigration desk for PRI’s The World® and PRI.org, it takes an amazing team of contributors all over the country. Editors Monica Campbell and Angilee Shah host an all-star panel about covering one of the hottest topics in the news today and finding the talent that breaks out of public media silos to deliver great journalism on air and online.

Lunch with NPR: "Hear the Bigger Picture with All Things Considered"

Mary Louise Kelly, Jarl Mohn, Ayesha Rascoe, Christina Cala
2018 - Austin

Join CEO Jarl Mohn for lunch and hear host Mary Louise Kelly, White House reporter Ayesha Rascoe, and Producer Christina Cala talk about the show’s coverage of President Donald Trump’s recent trip to Europe. Plus, find out what the show has planned for the upcoming 2018 midterms.