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Data Based Editorial Lessons from NPR One

Tamar Charney, Emily Barocas, Anita Bugg
2019 - Minneapolis

Participants will leave this session with specific recommendations to improve the performance of their station’s content on digital and broadcast platforms based on data from their own NPR One Station Analytics dashboard. With the help of the NPR One Editorial team, you will learn to interpret engagement data to find your station’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, using NPR One’s data-based best practices as a guide, you can develop a list of action steps to bring back to your station.

Classical Marketing & Content Partnerships

Julie Amacher, Eva Anderson
2019 - Minneapolis

Following up on last year's popular and well-received presentation on classical audience insights, MPR Classical will share results on their efforts to date. They'll update their findings on audience insights, and give examples of some highly successful strategies that have driven ratings and digital engagement, created new content and helped Classical MPR find new, younger audiences by using an audience-centric approach.

Who Are We Making This For? A New Look at Audience for Podcast Strategy and More

Joel Meyer, Kerry Donahue, Stephanie Kuo, Je-Anne Berry, Brad Turner
2019 - Minneapolis

Anyone can make a podcast, but not everyone understands their audience. In this interactive session, you will go beyond market research and audience analytics and walk away with a road map for content development that holds the listener at the center of your key decisions. The panel will share real-world stories about how their stations have served new audiences, retained talent and strengthened their content development process through their podcasts.

If I Were President of All Public Radio

Bob Garfield, Nicholas Quah, Steve Titherington, Meghna Chakrabarti
2019 - Minneapolis

Imagine we woke up one day to find that ALL of public radio was one giant organization instead of a collection of independently run stations, networks, producers, distributors and businesses. If YOU were the President of the entire network, how would you approach the task? In this engaging, provocative session, we ask a group of courageous and inspired thinkers in our industry to tell us what they would do if they were "The President of Public Radio." In this TED style session, each speaker has been given 15 minutes to share their thoughts.

Lunch with APM - Inclusivity in Content: Diversifying Sources, Voices and Staff

Kristen Muller, Angela Davis, Laura Yuen, Pooneh Ghoodoosi, Nancy Farghalli
2019 - Minneapolis

Diversity and inclusion—everyone is talking about it, but what are we doing, both on-air and behind-the-scenes? These efforts are arguably the most important work of our time as we strive to reach new audiences and better reflect our changing communities. American Public Media and MPR News and their partners at the BBC World Service, Marketplace and KPCC will help us continue the conversation. They will share pain-points, success stories, practical implications and complications.

Your Digital Stream: Your Station's Future

Stephen Steigman, Joel Sucherman, Ha-Hoa Hamano, Deborah Clark
2019 - Minneapolis

A station's digital infrastructure is a vital component in the audience service and sustainability strategy. Streams, smart speakers, apps, metadata, platform relationships, a product development strategy and the staff and budget to execute - all of these elements come together to make your station viable. Join us for a conversation about how to develop a streaming infrastructure that is as robust as your station's over-the-air broadcast system.

Election 2020: Coverage that Matters to our Audience

Summer Fields, Donna Vestal, Joshua Johnson
2019 - Minneapolis

With the 2020 election beginning to take shape, now is the time to create a plan for how you will cover this historic event. In an environment where trust is low in public institutions, especially media, involving your audience in your coverage can encourage civic engagement and differentiate your work from all else.

Building a Local, Loyal Digital Audience: Case Studies

Kristen Muller, Andi McDaniel, Andrew Golis
2019 - Minneapolis

In 2018 WNYC, KPCC and WAMU purchased local news websites with the goal to engage with younger, digital-first audiences. The challenges include integrating cultures, establishing outcomes and metrics, differentiating brands and pursuing diversity. After a year and a half, how are these efforts faring? What lessons have we learned along the way and what are some strategies you can employ to engage that digital-first audience?