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Lunch with PRI: Giving Voice to Our Dynamic World

Arwa Gunja, Luke Burbank, Nina Porzucki, Piya Chattopadhyay, Rupa Shenoy
2016 - Phoenix

Join a panel of PRI's young rising stars who, throughout the week, give voice to those often-underrepresented communities within our national discussions. PRI's programming consistently explores the breadth and depth of our complex and exciting world in a way that strongly connects communities, cultures, and world events.

Steal these ideas: Building Audience on Digital

Michael Arnold, Steve Mulder, Tammy Terwelp, David Brower
2016 - Phoenix

Audience development on digital used to be a crap shoot. Stations would try something to see what sticks. These days, it is possible to be much more sophisticated about growing audience on digital. In this session, we’ll hear from stations that are having above-average success and figure out what they are doing right. You’ll see examples from stations that lead in overall growth, audience engagement, and on-demand usage based on a blind data sort by NPR Digital Services. One of the key threads that runs through each example is the importance of good content management and strategic focus. And the lessons learned will be applicable to stations of all sizes. Be prepared to get valuable tips you can take back to your station.

Engagement: The Missing Link Between Editorial and Membership

Jennifer Brandel, Brendan Sweeney, Emily McCord
2016 - Phoenix

Jennifer Brandel has been exploring ways to bring audiences into content decisions for years. Last year she launched Hearken, a model and supporting technology for enabling audience engagement at every point of the editorial process. In this session, Brandel will convene a panel of newsrooms using this audience-first approach and walk through, step by step, how engagement can lead to higher-performing content and attracting more members. It turns out, you don’t have to choose between your mission and the metrics. (Also, you don’t have to use Hearken to benefit from and use these same approaches!

Podcasting by the Numbers

Larry Rosin
2016 - Phoenix

Larry Rosin will present surprising information from Edison’s studies about Podcasting including special findings among public radio users.

Anatomy of an Episode

Kelsey Padgett
2016 - Phoenix

Kelsey Padgett of Radiolab and More Perfect takes us on the roller coaster ride that goes into making compelling, entertaining audio. What does it take to make a fully realized segment? How many drafts are too many? And why are editors so hard on you? (Spoiler: It’s because they love you.)

KPLU: Lessons Learned From An Existential Crisis

Matt Martinez
2016 - Phoenix

Last November, KPLU’s owner Pacific Lutheran University announced that it was selling the license to University of Washington owned KUOW in Seattle. The announcement sent shockwaves throughout the region and all of public radio, and it seemed certain that most of the KPLU staff would lose their jobs. Then something surprising happened: The community rose up and demanded a chance to raise the money to buy the station as a community licensee. What happened next is a tale of hyper community engagement that resulted in a successful fundraising effort: $8.5 million in four and half months. KPLU is now independent KNKX. Come hear about their lessons learned and how you can apply them to your station (even if you aren’t facing an existential crisis).

The Value of Listening

Izzi Smith, Franny Bastian, Craig Oliver
2017 - Washington, DC

StoryCorps teaches us that “listening is an act of love.” It’s also the most elemental unit of the public radio economy. Following more than a year of record increases in listening, stations are converting that listening into new revenue to fuel new content creation, including new content for future audiences. Let's talk about how growing listening sustains public radio, and allows stations to tell new and deeper stories to all kinds of audiences.

Voice Coaching for Clear, Compelling Storytelling

Jessica Hansen
2017 - Washington, DC

Join NPR voice coach Jessica Hansen as she shares insights on breath control, vocal placement and delivery, which increase credibility, accessibility, and comprehension for the listener.